And thanks for stoping by this blog. My name is Nick, and I am a web developer. I am into the web development business since 1996 and my main interests in this job are SEO, php and I really enjoy creating sites of my own that I monetize through various ppc and affiliate programs.

This blog is something new that I wanted to do, especcially because I have never created a weblog, so I wanted to see myself what are the benefits of this type of site.

My other interest besides web development is music. I listen all kinds of music (I mean that) but I mostly like rock and metal. I have also singed to many bands and played gigs in rock bars and clubs, and once to record a demo but that was long ago when I was 16. My dream is to play on a real band some day because for me singing in front of an audience is propably the best experience I ever had and I really enjoy it.

Regarding this blog, I will try to keep it informative, mostly for the people who are trying to make the leaving in the webmaster business, and I will try to share some of my best tips regarding that. Of course for those who prefer forums, I will advice you to sign up to webdigity, a very cool and upcoming webmaster community where you can reach me most of the day(username:Nikolas)

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  1. Hello Nick,

    I see you’re also “infected” 😉

    Right blogging is fun, congratulations with all your interesting postings at this blog site:
    “categories and items for almost every webmaster, web developer, webdesigner, SEO…”

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