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Manipulate the users of your site with phpUserClass


Finally I’ve decided to contribute something in the php open source community. Today we’ve published the php user class, which is a class for user manipulation under php and mysql.

The class uses variable settings for database (table, fields), session and cookie variables, and it can easily be used in a new or an established project. I wrote it this way in order to integrate it with other projects that have bad user system and even use it in adition to other open source projects (for instance you can create a stand alone module which will be able to use the users of your wordpress blog 🙂 )

You can see a demonstration of how it works in the examples page.

Hope you will like it 🙂

More php tutorials from webdigity


I would like to announce that webdigity has opened the tutorials section to non webdigity members, so it would be easier for everyone to get tutorials from them for free.

The webdigity tutorials, consist mostly of php tutorials and there are many code snippets there that you would pay to get them elsewhere.

Also there is an RSS feed for the tutorials which you can subscribe to, if you are interested in coding. Enjoy 🙂

Are you looking for your next web hosting?


Looking for a web hosting partner is usually a very hard task. This is because there are so many web hosting companies out there, and in most cases you are not able to know how good a company is before you use their services. An example of the problems that may occur is the recent downtime of the online marketing blog which was down for about 18 hours when their hosting provider decided to stop serving them…

Personally I have changed a lot of hosting partners in order to find someone that I can trust. There are many companies that have serious downtimes, others have hidden charges, etc. So when you are looking for web hosting the goal is to find a serious company which is in business for a long time and have no downtime. Of course your web hosting provider should have enough bandwidth to serve your sites fast.

I guess those are the problems that real metrics thought and found a great solution. The solution sounds simple but technically is not. They have bought hosting accounts from several providers, and they run several tests that indicate how good a hosting service is. So in webdigity’s web hosting comparisons you can look for your next web hosting partner with the minimal risk that you could take.

Enjoy 🙂

Debugging and optimizing your apps with Xdebug


Xdebug is a great tool for debugging and optimizing PhP applications. As mentioned in this nice post regarding Xdebug, this php extension will help you find out more information about your application.

That is the running process (it gives you step by step analysis of your script) and give some time statistics for each part of your program. I think this tool is great if you want to reduce overhead from your applications.

Read more about Xdebug here.

New wordpress version


Today a new version of the popular wordpress blogging software has been announced.

If you run the previous version you don’t have to worry, as this is a regular update, and it is not related to any security flaws.

Here are some features quoted from the official announcement :

  • WordPress Widgets allow you to easily rearrange and customize areas of your weblog (usually sidebars) with drag-and-drop simplicity. This functionality was originally available as a plugin Widgets are now included by default in the core code, significantly cleaned up, and enabled for the default themes.
  • Full Atom support, including updating our Atom feeds to use the 1.0 standard spec and including an implementation of the Atom Publishing API to complement our XML-RPC interface.
  • A new Blogger importer that is able to handle the latest version of Google’s Blogger product and seamlessly import posts and comments without any user interaction beyond entering your login.
  • Infinite comment stream, meaning that on your Edit Comments page when you delete or spam a comment using the AJAX links under each comment it will bring in another comment in the background so you always have 20 items on the page. (I know it sounds geeky, but try it!)
  • We now protect you from activating a plugin or editing a file that will break your blog.
  • Core plugin and filter speed optimizations should make everything feel a bit more snappy and lighter on your server.
  • We’ve added a hook for WYSIWYG support in a future version of Safari.

Php code to retrieve your alexa rank


Before some time I was looking for a script that can grab any domain’s alexa ranking. This task looks easy so I guess there should be a free code snippet somewhere that deals with it. Well the funny thing is that it is not so easy to grab your rank programatically so I guess that is the reason that people sell such scripts for $10 – $30.

So as I don’t like paying for stuff like that I wrote a simple function that grabs any domain’s alexa rank and return it so you can use it in your apps. You can get the snippet from here :;code=49

It requires to be member of webdigity (free) but I guess it is better than paying for it. Right? 🙂

An alternative way to use Clickbank


Clickbank is an affiliate network that deals mostly with download products such as software and ebooks. Clickbank gives you the ability to download an XML feed of their marketplace. That means that you can get their whole product database, which contains around 4000 products, and use it the way you like.

Of course parsing all that data in a form that you can use it to make more sales with this company – which is a really time consuming process – can be easily avoided if you use a script like Clickbank contextual script. This great piece of software does all the jobs in 4 simple steps :

  1. Downloads the Clickbank feed and  fill a mySQL database for later use.
  2. Creates a “map” of your web site, and defines the best keywords for each page. (contextual mode)
  3. Gives you a nice interface to get adsense like javascript code to embed in your pages. The ad formats and style is very similar to adsense and YPN advertisements.
  4. Keeps statistics for pageviews and clicks for every clickbank channel you are using with CTRs and everything.

To get more information on this product, or place an order click here.

Google code search


Recently I heared about the new service of Google, the Google code search. My first opinion on this new service from google, is that it simply sucks….

I am saying this because the site is actually searching in code – not in projects – which means that this crap is usefull only to hackers. For instance if tomorrow the Zend team announce a critical security issue about the ini_set() function, then a simple query like this, will easilly lead any 12 years old “hacker” that has an exploit for this, to any open source project on this planet that has this vurnerabillity.

My guess is that Google hasn’t made this tool for hackers ( 🙂 ) but really can you think of another usabillity for this tool? Personally I don’t.

EDIT: I just found this blogpost, which is actually pointing to some of the security holes that this new tool is displaying….