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Logo design contest

If you think you are a good designer then I would definitely advice you to join the new logo design contest of the webdigity community.

The prize is $100 and I think what they ask is really simple for someone who knows a little Photoshop or Illustrator.

For more info refer here.

Manipulate the users of your site with phpUserClass


Finally I’ve decided to contribute something in the php open source community. Today we’ve published the php user class, which is a class for user manipulation under php and mysql.

The class uses variable settings for database (table, fields), session and cookie variables, and it can easily be used in a new or an established project. I wrote it this way in order to integrate it with other projects that have bad user system and even use it in adition to other open source projects (for instance you can create a stand alone module which will be able to use the users of your wordpress blog 🙂 )

You can see a demonstration of how it works in the examples page.

Hope you will like it 🙂

Webdigity offers advertising packages


The packages are :

Community donation

This is like a common donation, but in addition we offer a permanent link and a special budge in the forums to those who are donating. You can seek more information or order here .

Forum homepage sponsorship

As the title indicates this is an offer for search engine friendly links. The “product” is a link from the site’s homepage, and the forum homepage. Prices and more information can be found here .

Topic sponsorship ads

This is a new way of advertising, and I think that we are the first forum to offer something like that. The concept is simple : you buy permanent links from forum topics. This way you can get very targeted – in terms of SEO – incoming links to your site, with a fixed one time payment. You can order topic sponsorship ads from here

Announcing! The New BizMP forum contest!$15,000 in Prizes!


The new BizMP forums have just opened up, and for their kickoff, they are offering $15,000 in prizes. It includes

-$1,000 Sent Via Paypal

-6 Hour Consultation with the owner of the site, a leader in internet marketing VALUE OF $1000

-1 Year Link in the footer of BizMP! – VALUE OF $2400 ($200 a Month)

-Interview to be featured on BizMP

BizMP is a site dedicated to making money off the internet. One of their specialties is buying and selling domains. One their front page, they have a list of domains for sale. Anyone can look at the list or add to it completely free! It’s better than Sedo or other services. For premium domains, they will also broker it.

Make sure to look at the contest!

Looking for advertising networks that really pay?


One of the main concerns of every webmaster is if the programs that they use to monetize their sites do pay, or if they are scams. In my experience I had faced companies that didn’t pay or ban you when you are about to get a check (eg. yesAdvertising) or others who stole clicks from you (eg. Clicksor)

Anyway, these days in webdigity we  populated a list of programs that really pay. Please feel free to add there the companies that paid you.

Bellow I will list the programs that paid me – not the rest that our members posted – so here we are :

Webdigity adds trackback functionality


Today I am very proud because I finally managed to add a real trackback functionallity to the webdigity webmaster forum, which will let other people trackback forum threads from their blogs.

The module needs some additional work, as it seems that it wont work for every single trackback, but I will fix that later this week when I’ll have more spare time.