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Promote your blog for free


We’ve just added a new feature to the webdigity webmaster community, which will be very usefull for our fellas bloggers 🙂

The new feature helps bloggers promote their blogs, as we give you the abillity to syndicate your feeds with our forum.

In simple words, you add your feed to your profile in the forum, and then the latest posts of your blog will appear in the discussions you participate in our forum, and in your profile.

You can read more here.

New whois/seo lookup tool


Yesterday we added a new module to the webdigity webmaster community, which can be very usefull to site owners, and to people who intend to buy domains and web sites.

The whois lookup tool retrieves various whois and SEO information regarding the domains you want, and some of them are :

  • Web site title/description/response codes
  • Seo information like pagerank, alexa traffic rank, technorati rank, indexed pages, link popularity
  • DNS servers
  • Information regarding the ip that hosts the site if any (ownership – location info)
  • Whois record from domain’s registar

This tool started as a little extra to the community, but I think it deserves some attention as it provides more information that any other simillar tool. To use it you just have to visit or simply add the TLD that you are interested in the end of that url, eg

The tool is caching the data for faster response, but please be patient when you query a domain for first time, as a single lookup requires 10 requests, so it may take some time.

Statistics junkie….


Nice title huh? This post is inspired by this conversation in the webdigity forum, which talks about the “addiction” to the web.

It appears that there are many people that are actually addicted to the internet, most of them using porn or gambling sites, while others – people like you and me – are addicted to other web sites – maybe the page you use to see your statistics or your adsense earnings?

I wanted to write about this, as this phenomenon is like a common secret among webmasters. How many times you check your stats every day? How many times you check your adsense or adwords account every day?

Most of us do those operations more that is actually needed, because we are totally mental ill or just too excited. I even have a friend – we wont say names here 🙂 – who has all the statistics pages that he uses in the hot bookmarks on his browser….

There is even an extension for firefox which displays your adsense earnings live 🙂 It is obvious that there is no need for checking your stats every single hour, but as most of us keep on refreshing the page, can somebody explain why is this happening?

You are your front page


Before some months I realized that a forum site can’t really be a success if it consists only of forums. I mean that internet is full of forums, and no matter how nice is yours, you must also have something else to compete with the others.

So webdigity even that it was – and still is – a unique webmaster community,  had to expand, and have more feautures besides the modifications that I made to the forum.

With this in mind the webdigity transformed into a more complete community, not just a forum, and this happened by adding some new modules to the site, the tag browsing, the web design gallery, a tutorial database and a directory for webmasters where the members can also vote for their favorite sites.

Those new modules made in the last months, but still they haven’t really “advertised” properly. I mean the site was still a forum with some extra stuff. Today I realized that if you look a site with the eyes of a first time visitor, the site is whatever this guy/gal understands in 5 seconds.

What does this mean? Well if you look at this page, what you will see? A forum maybe? Correct, but this forum has also those cool modules that I tolled you about before. If you look the links in the page – after staying for at least 20 seconds in the site – maybe you will “discover” some of these modules….

Now look at the new home page of webdigity. Does it looks like a forum? Maybe it does, but I am sure that a first time visitor will now know that webdigity is more than a forum, as the several modules of the site a clear and visible. I can’t share any results from this, as I have just uploaded it to the site, but I think it will work better.

My personal lesson from this, is that it doesn’t matter how cool your site/product is, but mostly how you market it 🙂

Please let me know of your ideas about this in the comment section or here.

Webdigity adds trackback functionality


Today I am very proud because I finally managed to add a real trackback functionallity to the webdigity webmaster forum, which will let other people trackback forum threads from their blogs.

The module needs some additional work, as it seems that it wont work for every single trackback, but I will fix that later this week when I’ll have more spare time.

Google updates pagerank


I just noticed that google is in the proccess of updating the public pagerank values (the real pagerank is updated in real time)

I am happy that this blog has now pagerank 5, and it appears that the webdigity webmaster forum will get a 5 too!

Please share your results here. What is the PR you are getting? To check the pagerank while is in the update progress, use this tool.

Web design gallery @ webdigity


Yesterday I finished with the development of webdigity’s web design gallery. Well as I was sick and coded this site too fast, I left some bugs, but thanks to my friends in the forum, they all have been solved(or I think so…). Anyway I am glad that is finished, as it was my first project that uses AJAX and I think this web 2.0 feel will be nice to the visitors too.

If you wonder what this site is about, think that it is like a directory that lists only well designed web sites, having a special note for the w3c standards that each site uses. A designer can use it to promote his/her work, or even find some “inspiration” when designing a new site.

Later this week we will also have a new contest about this site, so prepare yourself and submit your designs as soon as possible 🙂