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Java goes open source


Before a few hours Sun announced that they are going to “open” Java, their lot promising compiler.

Hope this new change will make Java more powerfull and maybe – why not – a leader in the OOP programming languages.

Bellow are some usefull links for this announcement :

Oh, and don’t forget to check the related discussion at webdigity.

Statistics junkie….


Nice title huh? This post is inspired by this conversation in the webdigity forum, which talks about the “addiction” to the web.

It appears that there are many people that are actually addicted to the internet, most of them using porn or gambling sites, while others – people like you and me – are addicted to other web sites – maybe the page you use to see your statistics or your adsense earnings?

I wanted to write about this, as this phenomenon is like a common secret among webmasters. How many times you check your stats every day? How many times you check your adsense or adwords account every day?

Most of us do those operations more that is actually needed, because we are totally mental ill or just too excited. I even have a friend – we wont say names here 🙂 – who has all the statistics pages that he uses in the hot bookmarks on his browser….

There is even an extension for firefox which displays your adsense earnings live 🙂 It is obvious that there is no need for checking your stats every single hour, but as most of us keep on refreshing the page, can somebody explain why is this happening?

Webdigity adds trackback functionality


Today I am very proud because I finally managed to add a real trackback functionallity to the webdigity webmaster forum, which will let other people trackback forum threads from their blogs.

The module needs some additional work, as it seems that it wont work for every single trackback, but I will fix that later this week when I’ll have more spare time.

Browse happy


Ok, everyone knows that Internet explorer sucks, but not the real people. I mean not the people that use their pc 1 hour per day, or if you prefer not the people that are total geeks like you and me 🙂

Recently I discovered a web site that made from the owners of wordpress, which is actually a campaign to promote the other – more secure browsers – browse happy.

Google code search


Recently I heared about the new service of Google, the Google code search. My first opinion on this new service from google, is that it simply sucks….

I am saying this because the site is actually searching in code – not in projects – which means that this crap is usefull only to hackers. For instance if tomorrow the Zend team announce a critical security issue about the ini_set() function, then a simple query like this, will easilly lead any 12 years old “hacker” that has an exploit for this, to any open source project on this planet that has this vurnerabillity.

My guess is that Google hasn’t made this tool for hackers ( 🙂 ) but really can you think of another usabillity for this tool? Personally I don’t.

EDIT: I just found this blogpost, which is actually pointing to some of the security holes that this new tool is displaying….

A complete design gallery collection


Do you know these web design gallery web sites? Well if you don’t, think they are like directories where the sites listed are very well designed, and they also display (in most cases) some information on the w3 standards that each web site uses.

The purpose of these web sites is twice :

  1. They can connect web designers with future clients
  2. They can connect web designers with future ideas 🙂

By the second I mean that those galleries can show you very nice designs, and they can help with the inspiration of your new designs 😉

Bellow is a list of web design galleries to use when you have any of those needs :

If I missed something, please contribute to this list, by leaving a comment or send me a mail.

AdminFusion’s 1 Year Anniversary Contest!


Adminfusion is making a very cool promotional contest to celebrate their first year anniversary. As I was a member from the beginning of this site(uid = 69) when owner was Ryan (now it is owned by Rayan and Lee) I would like to make some comments on this site.

Adminfusion is a forum admin community. The site was started as a simple VB forum, and in the progress Ryan added several modifications and make it a proffesional community for admins and forum owners. I guess that made Lee Dodd – a very succesfull entepreuer in the forum industry – to associate with this site, and I believe that Lee got the right choice as AF is really a site that deserves to have some attention. If you own a forum and you seek for help, this is the best site to go, as the competitor sites are far behind….

Regarding the anniversary contest, I will simply give you some words from the site :

This contest will run throughout the month of October. At the end of October, the 3 members with the most points will win the following:

  • 1st Place:


    • $500 cash paid via PayPal

    • 1 hour, 3 way consultation with Lee and Ryan – ($500 value)

    • 1 month of advertising in all 3 of AdminFusion’s ad locations – ($55 value)




  • 2nd Place:


    • $250 cash paid via PayPal

    • 1 hour, 3 way consultation with Lee and Ryan – ($500 value)

    • 1 month of advertising in all 3 of AdminFusion’s ad locations – ($55 value)



  • 3rd Place:


    • $100 cash paid via PayPal

    • 1 hour, 3 way consultation with Lee and Ryan – ($500 value)

    • 1 month of advertising in all 3 of AdminFusion’s ad locations – ($55 value)

    How to Win

    This contest is based on points that you accumulate through various means. The contest ends at the end of the day on October 31st (11:59pm EST).


    • Each post gets you 1 point. These posts must NOT be one-liners and worthless. Come to contribute and win, not push the boundaries. *
    • Each referral gets you 50 points. **
    • Each article you write on behalf of (AF would have the copyright) on the topic of creating a forum, managing a forum, monetizing a forum, etc. that is at least 500 words in length will earn you 100 points. Submit articles to contest[at] with your username listed clearly at the top of the article. ***
    • Each blog post you secure on a webmaster blog about with a link to the forum gets you 100 points. ****

    The 3 members with the most points at the end of the month will each win big! In order for your points to validate, you must meet the criteria found below.

DZone reaches 500,000 clicks monthly


It seems that the developer social network DZone is having success, and I think it deserve it, as it is one of the best services for developers and the only social network for them.

If you don’t know this site, then I can say that it is a site like digg, that has development related content (databases, php, python, .net, java, etc.) People can submit and vote for stories, and the top rated stories are displayed in the front page.

For more information check their blog here.