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Time to start with affiliate marketing?


Well if you feel that adsense is not a real money maker, you should start with affiliate marketing. The earnings are much better even that the process is much more difficult than just adding a javascript code in your page. Check this great article about affiliate marketing from paymentBlogger for tips and techniques regarding affiliate marketing.

Promote your blog for free


We’ve just added a new feature to the webdigity webmaster community, which will be very usefull for our fellas bloggers 🙂

The new feature helps bloggers promote their blogs, as we give you the abillity to syndicate your feeds with our forum.

In simple words, you add your feed to your profile in the forum, and then the latest posts of your blog will appear in the discussions you participate in our forum, and in your profile.

You can read more here.

Java goes open source


Before a few hours Sun announced that they are going to “open” Java, their lot promising compiler.

Hope this new change will make Java more powerfull and maybe – why not – a leader in the OOP programming languages.

Bellow are some usefull links for this announcement :

Oh, and don’t forget to check the related discussion at webdigity.

Link trading scams


As pagerank has become the number one target for webmasters – with no real reason, but that’s another story – a big market has been created, and as we can see, now there are hundrends of link services. Some of them offer you automated tools for link exchanges, while others provide marketplaces that both publishers and adertisers can easilly sell or buy links.

My personal opinion is that this thing sucks. I mean that there is no need to have so many link exchanges, and in anyway if you have a good web site that offers usefull information to its visitors, your link popularity can grow alone, without your help.

A good friend of mine, Olaf recently got a membership to linkmarket to promote his brand new directory (directory sites must have a high pagerank to be attractive, so in the beggining you have to raise it no matter what) As Olaf writed to his blog :

A few weeks ago the number of daily new link requests went down to zero. I visited the website to check what’s happened and got the information that my account is suspended and I need to contact the support. I wrote an e-mail to their support department and never got an answer until now. The fee for the premium membership was almost 25 USD, a lot of money for 2 weeks using their service…

 It appears that Olaf just found another scam on the web, so beware this company. They are not serious enough to do business with.

Browse happy


Ok, everyone knows that Internet explorer sucks, but not the real people. I mean not the people that use their pc 1 hour per day, or if you prefer not the people that are total geeks like you and me 🙂

Recently I discovered a web site that made from the owners of wordpress, which is actually a campaign to promote the other – more secure browsers – browse happy.

A complete design gallery collection


Do you know these web design gallery web sites? Well if you don’t, think they are like directories where the sites listed are very well designed, and they also display (in most cases) some information on the w3 standards that each web site uses.

The purpose of these web sites is twice :

  1. They can connect web designers with future clients
  2. They can connect web designers with future ideas 🙂

By the second I mean that those galleries can show you very nice designs, and they can help with the inspiration of your new designs 😉

Bellow is a list of web design galleries to use when you have any of those needs :

If I missed something, please contribute to this list, by leaving a comment or send me a mail.