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Looking for advertising networks that really pay?


One of the main concerns of every webmaster is if the programs that they use to monetize their sites do pay, or if they are scams. In my experience I had faced companies that didn’t pay or ban you when you are about to get a check (eg. yesAdvertising) or others who stole clicks from you (eg. Clicksor)

Anyway, these days in webdigity we  populated a list of programs that really pay. Please feel free to add there the companies that paid you.

Bellow I will list the programs that paid me – not the rest that our members posted – so here we are :

Text link ads introduces Feedvertising


Today text link ads announced their new monetization program called Feedvertising. Feedvertising is a program for those who want to make money from their RSS feeds, and as they say,

Bloggers can use our FREE Feedvertising technology to run text link ads in your RSS feed. Whether the ads come from us, your own in-house efforts, or your affiliate links… the choice is totally up to you!

The only bad thing at the moment is that this service is available only to webmasters that use wordpress 2.0+, but I guess it wont be so hard to implement it on a “home grown” RSS feed.

By the way if you are allredy using the feedvertising program, please share your thoughts.

Web services and contextual solutions from Commision Juction


It appears that God listens to my prayers some times 🙂

CJ today announced their new web services that integrate your aps with their affiliate programs.

I took a look some of the code examples and there are some very interesting contextual ads and mini product search engine.
I think this new APIs from CJ can make a really difference, especcially for people that aren’t sattisfied with Adsense.

Bellow is the official announcment :

Commission Junction is pleased to announce the launch of its much-anticipated Web Services. Web Services allow you to extend the power of your affiliate program through enhanced Product Catalog functionality and link and advertiser searches. Use our Web Services to tap into Commission Junction’s technology and create custom applications to access the data that matters most for your affiliate program.

Right media ending business with proxies


Today I got an email from Right Media, as an announcment that they stop business with proxy sites. Anyway I have stoped delivering their ads to my proxy, as I found a better pop up network, but the way they did that shows to me that Right Media is a serious company.

Bellow is the original mail I got :

Hello Right Media publishers,

We have made a decision as a network to no longer serve ads to proxy-style or proxy-related sites.
We agree that web browsing privacy is an important issue and that proxy sites have legitimate uses on the internet.  Unfortunately, the fact that users can use these services to view restricted material makes it unknown as to where our ads might be appearing or next to what type of content.  For this reason we need to disable all sites in our system labeled as a proxy site.
This change will go into effect at 5PM Pacific time, on September 20th.  Please plan on finding new advertising solutions before this time. The tags you are using for those sites/sections will show blanks after this time.

If you have sites listed in your account that are not proxy sites, those will remain active.

Thank you for your understanding on this matter.  We’re sorry if it causes any inconvenience.  Payments will be made on their scheduled times for all revenue earned up to this point, including amounts below the minimum of $50 if you have no other active sites in your account.

My pop up network odyssey


Latelly I was trying to find ways to monetize my proxy web site. As google is not allowing proxy sites to display their ads in the proxied pages, I think a popup solution would be the best.

So first I signed up with YesAdvertising, which is a company of Clicksor (the worst comany I ever associated with…) The company seemed to pay well, about $2 CPM. But when I reached the ammount to get my first check, they banned me “because fraudelent activities”! Ok this is very funny, because it is simply impossible to cheat a CPM program, but anyway I moved on….

The next company was Right Media‘s Yield Manager. Right media in conjuction with Clicksor and their companies, is a serious company, but yet they pay too low (about $1 – $1,5 CPM) and they pay 60 days after the ending of the month that you have the minimum ammount ($100) by check(that means another month of delay for mailing). So I decided to check some other companies….

The last company in my pop up network odyssey was Adversal.  Adversal is a very good company for many reasons that I will try to write here :

  1. They pay on an average of $1-$6 CPM (depending on the unique pageviews)
  2. They pay you 10% of the earning of your affiliates (nice huh?), but the best of all…
  3. is that they pay you 15 days after the end of the month (for $50+) through paypal!

Yesterday I got my first check, so I thought to recommend this company to my fellas webmasters. By the way if you want to use pop up ads for the monetization of your web site, think that this can harm your visitors loyalty. You can check a related discussion here.

Is AdBrite your advertising partner?


Well I think they are not mine… Before some months I have tried to use adBrite to monetize my sites, but the quallity of the ads was so bad that I finally didn’t continue with that.

Today I read a very good review from a guy who used their network both for promoting his site and monetizing it. The results seem to be very bad. Here is a quote from the original post :

While running a AdBrite CPC network campaign (webmaster related), I noticed several XXX referrals inside my website statistics. My complain by AdBrite was answered within a few days with some USD rebate to my account (it seems to me that AdBrite thinks that this is not so bad…)