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About webdigity

I am a web developer from the shiny Greece. I have made a lot of projects, but my really interest is to make a leaving from my own sites.

Time to start with affiliate marketing?


Well if you feel that adsense is not a real money maker, you should start with affiliate marketing. The earnings are much better even that the process is much more difficult than just adding a javascript code in your page. Check this great article about affiliate marketing from paymentBlogger for tips and techniques regarding affiliate marketing.

An alternative way to use Clickbank


Clickbank is an affiliate network that deals mostly with download products such as software and ebooks. Clickbank gives you the ability to download an XML feed of their marketplace. That means that you can get their whole product database, which contains around 4000 products, and use it the way you like.

Of course parsing all that data in a form that you can use it to make more sales with this company – which is a really time consuming process – can be easily avoided if you use a script like Clickbank contextual script. This great piece of software does all the jobs in 4 simple steps :

  1. Downloads the Clickbank feed and  fill a mySQL database for later use.
  2. Creates a “map” of your web site, and defines the best keywords for each page. (contextual mode)
  3. Gives you a nice interface to get adsense like javascript code to embed in your pages. The ad formats and style is very similar to adsense and YPN advertisements.
  4. Keeps statistics for pageviews and clicks for every clickbank channel you are using with CTRs and everything.

To get more information on this product, or place an order click here.

Yahoo mixes organic results with paid advertisments


I never thought that being on the first page of a search engine would be so easy, but I am not sure how ethical is this, and how fair is it for the advertisers.

As mentioned at the webdigity webmaster forum, Yahoo has started mixing paid advertisments with organic results. The bad thing on that – and the questionable part – is that the average user wont be able to identify those ads are they look exactly like the organic results.

You can check more in this  subject here.

Webdigity offers advertising packages


The packages are :

Community donation

This is like a common donation, but in addition we offer a permanent link and a special budge in the forums to those who are donating. You can seek more information or order here .

Forum homepage sponsorship

As the title indicates this is an offer for search engine friendly links. The “product” is a link from the site’s homepage, and the forum homepage. Prices and more information can be found here .

Topic sponsorship ads

This is a new way of advertising, and I think that we are the first forum to offer something like that. The concept is simple : you buy permanent links from forum topics. This way you can get very targeted – in terms of SEO – incoming links to your site, with a fixed one time payment. You can order topic sponsorship ads from here

The true story about sitemaps


The funny thing about blogging is that you allways have to write a funzy title even if it has nothing to do with what you are talking about 🙂 Today I found out a possible problem regarding SEO which seems to be the sitemaps. There are many people out there who claim that sitemaps are not really helping, and actually can cause deindexing of your web site from google.

Daniel Lindberg  got his site deindexed and then reindexed with less pages in SEPRs, while the topic is discussed in many webmaster forums.

Personally I can’t really express any opinion as I only used sitemaps once, and I can’t measure the results. Of course the warning is there, and we will wait from someone with more experience to tell us what actually happens when you submit a sitemap to google.