An alternative way to use Clickbank


Clickbank is an affiliate network that deals mostly with download products such as software and ebooks. Clickbank gives you the ability to download an XML feed of their marketplace. That means that you can get their whole product database, which contains around 4000 products, and use it the way you like.

Of course parsing all that data in a form that you can use it to make more sales with this company – which is a really time consuming process – can be easily avoided if you use a script like Clickbank contextual script. This great piece of software does all the jobs in 4 simple steps :

  1. Downloads the Clickbank feed and  fill a mySQL database for later use.
  2. Creates a “map” of your web site, and defines the best keywords for each page. (contextual mode)
  3. Gives you a nice interface to get adsense like javascript code to embed in your pages. The ad formats and style is very similar to adsense and YPN advertisements.
  4. Keeps statistics for pageviews and clicks for every clickbank channel you are using with CTRs and everything.

To get more information on this product, or place an order click here.

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