New whois/seo lookup tool


Yesterday we added a new module to the webdigity webmaster community, which can be very usefull to site owners, and to people who intend to buy domains and web sites.

The whois lookup tool retrieves various whois and SEO information regarding the domains you want, and some of them are :

  • Web site title/description/response codes
  • Seo information like pagerank, alexa traffic rank, technorati rank, indexed pages, link popularity
  • DNS servers
  • Information regarding the ip that hosts the site if any (ownership – location info)
  • Whois record from domain’s registar

This tool started as a little extra to the community, but I think it deserves some attention as it provides more information that any other simillar tool. To use it you just have to visit or simply add the TLD that you are interested in the end of that url, eg

The tool is caching the data for faster response, but please be patient when you query a domain for first time, as a single lookup requires 10 requests, so it may take some time.

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