Daily Archives: October 22, 2006

Statistics junkie….


Nice title huh? This post is inspired by this conversation in the webdigity forum, which talks about the “addiction” to the web.

It appears that there are many people that are actually addicted to the internet, most of them using porn or gambling sites, while others – people like you and me – are addicted to other web sites – maybe the page you use to see your statistics or your adsense earnings?

I wanted to write about this, as this phenomenon is like a common secret among webmasters. How many times you check your stats every day? How many times you check your adsense or adwords account every day?

Most of us do those operations more that is actually needed, because we are totally mental ill or just too excited. I even have a friend – we wont say names here 🙂 – who has all the statistics pages that he uses in the hot bookmarks on his browser….

There is even an extension for firefox which displays your adsense earnings live 🙂 It is obvious that there is no need for checking your stats every single hour, but as most of us keep on refreshing the page, can somebody explain why is this happening?