Daily Archives: October 5, 2006

Find the differences game


Ok this post is more like a lesson to people like Berni Bannier who are stealing other people’s work. You see our good friend Berni who asked many times for my help at webdigity, visited once this website (an anonymous proxy) and liked it so much that he finally decided to copy the whole HTML and the images, and use it for his own web site.

The worst part, is that this site has an open source design, and he even removed the designer’s copyrights. That sucks Berni, next time be more carefull. Oh and I forgot to mention he didn’t even changed the name of the site. Funny huh?

So the game of the day is to find the difference between these sites :

  1. safe-surg.org
  2. v2proxy.com

As he will propably remove it soon, I will also give you a screenshot :

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PS: Too bad that he removed the adsense code from the site. At least I could earn some money from this stupidity.