Daily Archives: September 26, 2006

The future of search engines. Time for a new Google


After Yahoo bought del.icio.us in December, deli now jumped from 300,000 to 1,000,000 members! I think that’s a good growth rate, but I have one question:

Why Yahoo is not monetizing this site yet? Maybe del.icio.us stands for a later bigger project or something? I guess we will get the answer in the future…

But as mentioned here :

Joshua made an interesting distinction. Instead of finding information a la Google, social search is about finding knowledge. The idea is how do you connect with the information you need in a context that’s knitted together by people and by human expertise, rather than the linear way we do it now, which is to type a search term into a box.

It seems that what I thought before some months is real and is about to happen soon. What is this? A search engine powered by social network data. Think of it, it could be a great search engine, and best of all spam free as the rankings would come from the users.

My opinion is that stumbleupon could do this right, but it seems that del.icio.us is going for it right now.


Backup all your databases with one click


Bellow is a php script that I made for taking backups of my mySql databases. The script is designed to run under console(CLI) in root mode, so I don’t think that it will work for shared hosting accounts, but you can try it, or try to modify the exec commands with SUDO.

// Auto backup your databases
// Author: Nick Papanotas
// Comments/feedback/troubleshooting:
// http://www.webdigity.com/
// This script propably wont run from web, except
// if you modify it to add SUDO.

$backup_dir = dirname( __FILE__ ) . ‘/backups/’;

$u = ‘User’;
$p = ‘XXXX’;
$db = ‘Adatatbase’;//This is just the name of a database just to make the query work. The script will backup all the databases that your use has access to.

$db_link = mysql_connect($h,$u,$p);
$res = mysql_db_query($db, ‘SHOW DATABASES’, $db_link) or die(‘Could not connect: ‘ . mysql_error());
‘Found ‘. mysql_num_rows($res) . ‘ databases’ . “\n”;

while ( $rec = mysql_fetch_array($res) )
//Parse time :
$time = microtime();
$time = explode(‘ ‘, $time);
$time = $time[1] + $time[0];
$start = $time;

echo $rec[0] . “\n”;
shell_exec( ‘mysqldump –result-file=’.$backup_dir.$rec[0].‘.’.date(‘Y-m-d’).‘.sql –password=’.$p.‘ ‘.$rec[0] );
//Parse time :
$time = microtime();
$time = explode(‘ ‘, $time);
$time = $time[1] + $time[0];
$finish = $time;
$total_time = round(($finish $start), 6);
‘Parsed in ‘ . $total_time . ‘ secs’ . “\nStarting with compression\n”;
//Let’s tar those backups :
shell_exec( ‘tar cvf ‘.$backup_dir.date(‘Y-m-d’).‘.tar ‘.$backup_dir.‘*.sql’ );

This script has been originally posted to webdigity’s code library.