Daily Archives: September 25, 2006

Promoting through press releases Part I


As every webmaster should know, press releases is a great tool to get some free publicity, and in many cases a press release can kick start a web site (traffic + seo)

Let me explain how this works. You prepare a nice text explain what you offer, and then you are using a service that manages to distribute it to several newspapers, magazines, tv stations and key blogs to your subject’s topic. The next thing is that those media are sending you traffic. And all that in the price of $0! Of course you can spend some bucks to have some better chances, but this is something that I will explain later.
Personally I haven’t ever send a press release, but I had many discussions with people who had done this and got good results. So I thought to make a try, but as you can understand my english are too poor to write one….

Anyway thanks to my very good friend and proffesional in this subject, Michelle I got a very good press release to publish. Her experience in addition to her very proffesional work, had made a difference, so my advice for the people who plan to publish a PR is to get some proffesional assistance to that.

The next step after creating your PR is to send it. There are many companies that can do that, but beware because only a small portion of them are serious. My research pointed to two companies : PRWeb and PRLeap. The best is propably PRWeb as they distribute to more than 100,000 media sources, but the charge of $119 – $350 may convince you to try PRLeap or any other free PR service 🙂

This is what I tried too, as it was my first PR and I didn’t want to pay much for this (after all it is just an experiment). PRLeap is a free service, but they have some upgrades that may cost you $10 – $200. While I was submitting my PR, I realized that the “totally free” plan is not so good, so I upgraded the PR distribution using a $50 plan. The $50 plan allows you to :

  1. Post links, which is something very usefull as many sites will publish you PR and those links will propably help with your SEO and google PR (pagerank).
  2. Review/Distribute very fast (next day)
  3. Get Newswire Distribution. That gives your PR a much better chance to get listed in the top sources (as google news) and it will also include your PR to the RSS feeds of PRLeap. In other words this plan is a must if you have something good to say 🙂

I had posted my PR before a few hours, and as I saw in my account @ prleap the PR has allready accepted, and it will be distributed tomorrow. So check back tomorrow for the update regarding this press release, and my final thoughts on this promotion technique.