Right media ending business with proxies


Today I got an email from Right Media, as an announcment that they stop business with proxy sites. Anyway I have stoped delivering their ads to my proxy, as I found a better pop up network, but the way they did that shows to me that Right Media is a serious company.

Bellow is the original mail I got :

Hello Right Media publishers,

We have made a decision as a network to no longer serve ads to proxy-style or proxy-related sites.
We agree that web browsing privacy is an important issue and that proxy sites have legitimate uses on the internet.  Unfortunately, the fact that users can use these services to view restricted material makes it unknown as to where our ads might be appearing or next to what type of content.  For this reason we need to disable all sites in our system labeled as a proxy site.
This change will go into effect at 5PM Pacific time, on September 20th.  Please plan on finding new advertising solutions before this time. The tags you are using for those sites/sections will show blanks after this time.

If you have sites listed in your account that are not proxy sites, those will remain active.

Thank you for your understanding on this matter.  We’re sorry if it causes any inconvenience.  Payments will be made on their scheduled times for all revenue earned up to this point, including amounts below the minimum of $50 if you have no other active sites in your account.

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