Daily Archives: September 17, 2006

Web design gallery @ webdigity


Yesterday I finished with the development of webdigity’s web design gallery. Well as I was sick and coded this site too fast, I left some bugs, but thanks to my friends in the forum, they all have been solved(or I think so…). Anyway I am glad that is finished, as it was my first project that uses AJAX and I think this web 2.0 feel will be nice to the visitors too.

If you wonder what this site is about, think that it is like a directory that lists only well designed web sites, having a special note for the w3c standards that each site uses. A designer can use it to promote his/her work, or even find some “inspiration” when designing a new site.

Later this week we will also have a new contest about this site, so prepare yourself and submit your designs as soon as possible 🙂