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My pop up network odyssey


Latelly I was trying to find ways to monetize my proxy web site. As google is not allowing proxy sites to display their ads in the proxied pages, I think a popup solution would be the best.

So first I signed up with YesAdvertising, which is a company of Clicksor (the worst comany I ever associated with…) The company seemed to pay well, about $2 CPM. But when I reached the ammount to get my first check, they banned me “because fraudelent activities”! Ok this is very funny, because it is simply impossible to cheat a CPM program, but anyway I moved on….

The next company was Right Media‘s Yield Manager. Right media in conjuction with Clicksor and their companies, is a serious company, but yet they pay too low (about $1 – $1,5 CPM) and they pay 60 days after the ending of the month that you have the minimum ammount ($100) by check(that means another month of delay for mailing). So I decided to check some other companies….

The last company in my pop up network odyssey was Adversal.  Adversal is a very good company for many reasons that I will try to write here :

  1. They pay on an average of $1-$6 CPM (depending on the unique pageviews)
  2. They pay you 10% of the earning of your affiliates (nice huh?), but the best of all…
  3. is that they pay you 15 days after the end of the month (for $50+) through paypal!

Yesterday I got my first check, so I thought to recommend this company to my fellas webmasters. By the way if you want to use pop up ads for the monetization of your web site, think that this can harm your visitors loyalty. You can check a related discussion here.

The webmaster bet


Before some days, my good friends Olaf and Wineo, had this great idea for a webmaster blog competition.

What’s the idea behind the blogotiotion? Well this is like a bet where the winner is the first that gets his webmaster related blog, to technocrati’s top 100.000 blog list.

I know that the #100.000 sounds easy, but believe is not, and my blog is now rated at 681,000.

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