Link popularity – Myths and facts


As you allready know links are the most well known promotion strategy in the internet. Links are helping a website in two ways. They give you direct traffic(real people click on links) and they give you better rankings in search engines. In this post I will about the links regarding the search engines.

A common myth – trend that Google created the last years is pagerank. Webmasters all around the world were trying to raise their pagerank value like crazy and this created a big text link market(I don't remember links selling like that before the pagerank boom).

Let me tell you that pagerank is a myth, and it is not associated with the rankings of your site in the SERPs. Why is that? Google is a search engine that understands the topic of each website. So a link from a webmaster site to a bicycle site will pass pagerank, BUT it wont pass rankings as it is inrelevant.

So we can say that building links is something that have to be done with relevance in mind, not pagerank. A link from 10-50 pages that talk about the niche of yours can give you a placement in the first page of SERPs, even with PR0-1.

Link partnerships (aka link exchange)
A great way to increase your link popullarity, is by exchanging links. This can be done in various ways that I will try to explain bellow.

  1. Reciprocal linking
  2. three way linking

Reciprocal linking is when page 1 links to page 2, and page 2 links back to page 1. This is not the best way as for search engines, as those links are not counted in the ranking algorithms, but you may do reciprocal link exchanges when it is good in traffic terms.

Three way linking is the best link exchange strategy and the one that works best regarding search engines. How does this works? Site 1 links to site 2, site 2 links to site 3 (which belongs to the owner of site 1) This way you can 'trick' google to calculate those links as one way, and it can give some good rankings. I have used this model, and I am really happy with it.

One way linking
One way linking is the best way to make your site popular. This is because you get rankings and you give nothing. Let me correct that, you don't give nothing, you give very good content that people like to see, so they like to link it too 😉

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