Google – The end of a nice story


These years we have all seen how Google from a two man show company, created a stable empire that defines the internet more than any other company.

After the development of a very good (at least for back in that time) and reliable search engine, they became so innovative(or just greedy 🙂 ) that started tens of new services for the internet world.

That happened in a way that Microsoft teached us years ago, and the fact is that Google was the best student in that class! They have allready conquered the internet world making so many services (gmail, gpay, maps, etc.) but unfortunatelly so many enemies too.

You see when you dominate one market, none will even think to be against you, but when you are trying to dominate the world, people will seek for any reason to be against you. This is happening with Google right now as this company tried to get into areas that were traditionally belong to others (they will even create their own operating system!)

The first official 'battle' is with Amazon. As Google decided to create a service simmilar to paypal wich belongs to Amazon, Amazon decided to stop using adsense advertisments in their site. Note that Amazon was the biggest publisher in the adsense program.

Microsoft has signed a contract with Yahoo for cooperation in the fields of search engines.

And the most important of all is that….

Google is not the best search engine any more

Why? For a lot of reasons. One is that as Google is the most popular SE to the crowd, is also the most popular SE to the spammers around the world. So in the most searches they show inrelevant and annoying results.

Google is now a strong player in the ppc market. They don't really care about the organic results, but how they will make us click on the ads.

Those are some of the reasons that make me believe that Google will not continue to be the #1 search engine for much longer. Also note what history learned to us. All search engines that became number one in the past, haven't stayed in that position for more than 10 years.

The web is changing drastically this time with the web 2.0 movement, and I think another search engine will get google's place soon (like snap or msn)

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