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Google – The end of a nice story


These years we have all seen how Google from a two man show company, created a stable empire that defines the internet more than any other company.

After the development of a very good (at least for back in that time) and reliable search engine, they became so innovative(or just greedy 🙂 ) that started tens of new services for the internet world.

That happened in a way that Microsoft teached us years ago, and the fact is that Google was the best student in that class! They have allready conquered the internet world making so many services (gmail, gpay, maps, etc.) but unfortunatelly so many enemies too.

You see when you dominate one market, none will even think to be against you, but when you are trying to dominate the world, people will seek for any reason to be against you. This is happening with Google right now as this company tried to get into areas that were traditionally belong to others (they will even create their own operating system!)

The first official 'battle' is with Amazon. As Google decided to create a service simmilar to paypal wich belongs to Amazon, Amazon decided to stop using adsense advertisments in their site. Note that Amazon was the biggest publisher in the adsense program.

Microsoft has signed a contract with Yahoo for cooperation in the fields of search engines.

And the most important of all is that….

Google is not the best search engine any more

Why? For a lot of reasons. One is that as Google is the most popular SE to the crowd, is also the most popular SE to the spammers around the world. So in the most searches they show inrelevant and annoying results.

Google is now a strong player in the ppc market. They don't really care about the organic results, but how they will make us click on the ads.

Those are some of the reasons that make me believe that Google will not continue to be the #1 search engine for much longer. Also note what history learned to us. All search engines that became number one in the past, haven't stayed in that position for more than 10 years.

The web is changing drastically this time with the web 2.0 movement, and I think another search engine will get google's place soon (like snap or msn)

Automatically optimize all tables in a MySQL database


Use this script preferably with a cronjob to automatically optimize all the tables in your mysql databases. Under root privilleges the script will search for all the databases in your server and will optimize them all. Hope you will like it as it took me more than 3 hours to write it 🙂


Optimize all databases/tables in MySQL
For more tutorials you can refer here

Webdigity introduces tag browsing to the world of forums


As you may know at webdigity, we are allways trying to find new ways to make our community better for our members. This time we made something that it is very new, and I think we are the first to do it.

The tag browsing  is the new feauture of our community (still in beta) which allows you to browse the forum using tags. This work like this : A robot reads all the threads, and decides to associate each of them with up to 5 tags. Those tags can be founded in the tag browsing directory, and are also mentioned inside the thread page.

So for example if you read a thread in the contests board  the bot will automatically assign the tag contest to the thread. If you click on the tag you will see all the threads that have this word (even those who are not posted in the contests area)

Link popularity – Myths and facts


As you allready know links are the most well known promotion strategy in the internet. Links are helping a website in two ways. They give you direct traffic(real people click on links) and they give you better rankings in search engines. In this post I will about the links regarding the search engines.

A common myth – trend that Google created the last years is pagerank. Webmasters all around the world were trying to raise their pagerank value like crazy and this created a big text link market(I don't remember links selling like that before the pagerank boom).

Let me tell you that pagerank is a myth, and it is not associated with the rankings of your site in the SERPs. Why is that? Google is a search engine that understands the topic of each website. So a link from a webmaster site to a bicycle site will pass pagerank, BUT it wont pass rankings as it is inrelevant.

So we can say that building links is something that have to be done with relevance in mind, not pagerank. A link from 10-50 pages that talk about the niche of yours can give you a placement in the first page of SERPs, even with PR0-1.

Link partnerships (aka link exchange)
A great way to increase your link popullarity, is by exchanging links. This can be done in various ways that I will try to explain bellow.

  1. Reciprocal linking
  2. three way linking

Reciprocal linking is when page 1 links to page 2, and page 2 links back to page 1. This is not the best way as for search engines, as those links are not counted in the ranking algorithms, but you may do reciprocal link exchanges when it is good in traffic terms.

Three way linking is the best link exchange strategy and the one that works best regarding search engines. How does this works? Site 1 links to site 2, site 2 links to site 3 (which belongs to the owner of site 1) This way you can 'trick' google to calculate those links as one way, and it can give some good rankings. I have used this model, and I am really happy with it.

One way linking
One way linking is the best way to make your site popular. This is because you get rankings and you give nothing. Let me correct that, you don't give nothing, you give very good content that people like to see, so they like to link it too 😉

Welcome to my blog


Hello fellas,

and welcome to my new blog. I made this site mostly to learn more about how blogs work, as even that I am in the web development business for more than 10 years, I have never used this form of website.

In this blog I will post news and articles about php, seo and some news regarding my network of web sites.

Stay tuned 🙂